Stand Out with Signage that Works – 8 Quick Tips for Effective Signage

Just like good signage, we know we’ve only got a short window to keep you interested. So let’s skip the formalities and get right to the point – 8 key ways to make effective signage. Go!

  1. Choose your colours carefully. Be bold. Be readable. Stick to your brand identity.
  2. Don’t overcrowd. Less always means more.
  3. WHY? What have you got to offer that makes you special? Now’s the best time to show up your competition and outline a maximum of 3 important features or benefits. Hint: don’t say the same old stuff that everyone else says or offers.
  4. CTA is key. What do you want your customers to do? Give you a call? Do a handstand? Whatever it is, make sure they know how to do it – include a clear phone number, website etc.
  5. Use the pros. After all your hard work planning, make sure you go to the best to take you through the overall process and to deliver professional installation.
  6. The follow-up. Remind your employees to ask customers how they found you so you can get an idea of where your customers are coming from (and if your signage is working).
  7. Maintenance. If your sign is going to be around for a while make sure you have a plan in place to keep it looking fresh. Whether it’s a new lick of paint every year or having the bulbs changed every couple of months, stay classy.
  8. Keep track of your messaging and what has been driving traffic so you can tailor your wording/offering in the future. This is particularly important when you change your messaging regularly, such as for POS or digital signage.
About Speedy Signs

Speedy Signs was founded in 1998 with a pilot store in Penrose, Auckland. Now approaching 20 years in New Zealand the group now operates in 24 locations from Whangarei to Invercargill, making it New Zealand’s largest sign network. Speedy Signs is affiliated with the international brand Signarama who have close to 1,000 locations operating in over 40 countries, making them the largest signage network in the world.

Speedy Signs design, manufacture, and install signs that will help businesses grow faster. Their installation service means they are a one-stop-shop signage provider. This service, partnered with the strength of the national network, means Speedy Signs’ clientele includes both large and small, national and regional businesses and organisations.

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