Business Makeover Promotion Winners

Rebranding can seem terrifying for small businesses with less capacity for risk taking however rebranding or refreshing signage isn’t only for the large corporates. There are many benefits received from completing a review of business branding including competitive advantage, stimulating growth, and promotes innovation.

Today’s post recognises the winners of our recent national promotion who intimately understand the benefits upgrading signage has on business. Earlier this year we ran a national promotion titled ‘Business Makeover’ which encouraged businesses to consider upgrading their signage. We’re delighted to partner with and award the cash-back prizes to following clients for winning this national promotion!

Molloy’s Mega Antiques Centre

Speedy Signs Takapuna

2015-10-28 12.09.24Molloy’s Mega Antiques Centre has over 3,500 square feet of the unusual, elegant and simply incredible antiques, art, collectibles and furniture, so when it came time to move premise it was no easy task. The new site now located in Takapuna doesn’t have any roadside visibility so getting the right signage solution and provider was important for continued business success.

From consultation to installation, Speedy Signs Takapuna provided a total solution that included a V-shaped post and panel sign and strategically placed wayfinding signage directs traffic down the drive. Overall the team at Molloy’s are elated with the result.

Libelle Group // Downtown, Auckland

Libelle Group is a food and beverage retail service provider for schools which over the past ten years has committed its resources and efforts on developing practical, nutritionally balanced, effective and sustainable solutions for school tuck shops in New Zealand. The result is a tuck shop brand that has become a benchmark in the industry. Libelle Group required a new sign suitable for installation on a buildings exterior to feature the company’s logo. This was manufactured in house by the team at Speedy Signs Downtown. The large ACM sign included digital graphics with UV laminate applied to improve quality and product longevity. The team at Libelle Group are pleased with the projects outcome.


2015-11-03 09.33.55Phoenix Contact Ltd // Hut Valley, Wellington

Phoenix Contact Ltd are a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering and therefore require brand consistency internationally. It’s for this reason that Phoenix Contact spoke with Speedy Signs Hutt Valley when they required their first van to be rebranded. From the initial consultation through design and installation of the vehicle wrap, Speedy Signs Hutt Valley were able to achieve an outcome that Phoenix Contact were very happy about.

Thinking of rebranding in 2016? Contact your local Speedy Signs store to discuss various rebranding options. From a single location through to a national brand rollout our stores deliver consistency each and every time no matter the project scope.20151118_131836

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