Are Business Signs Really Necessary?

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Business signs have a lot of benefits, some that are obvious and some that are not as obvious. For any business, signs are important to driving customers and promoting your work. But there is so much more to business signs than driving traffic and promotions – although those are huge components of why business signs are important to your business.

business signsBusiness signs bring in new customers. When you have professional quality business signs around your neighborhood or even just outside your door, you’re getting the attention of even the most casual passerby. For new businesses especially, business signs can attract up to half of your new customers. In fact, many potential customers wouldn’t know your business was even there if it wasn’t for your business signs. In a survey from, 35 percent of customers said they wouldn’t have known where a business was located or that it had opened if the business signs had been missing.

Business signs also help you grow your profits. Research shows that adding or changing your business signs near your business directly improve sales revenue by driving increased traffic into your store. In a survey of fast food and retail businesses, adding signs or changing business signs typically allowed for a 7-9 percent increase in sales. All from a simple change in the business signs that are promoting your business!

Think about when and where you run your errands. Most of your customers likely live in your neighborhood, within a 5 mile radius of your business. So, doesn’t it make sense to advertise to these customers close to home? Additionally, these business signs will be reaching customers when they’re ready to make a purchase – and that’s the best time to find a new customer! Business signs help keep your business top of mind for customers who are familiar with you, and they help bring your business to the attention of new customers, who are available, interested in what you have to offer, and ready to make a purchase.

Here’s another fun fact. according to an industry study, retailers benefit significantly from exterior business signs. In fact, nearly 20 percent of Best Buy’s customers say they did so because of a sign they saw outside of the store. If even a large, well-known retailer can benefit from using business signs, imagine what business signs can do for you. The fact is, business signs are so widespread that we hardly notice them – unless we’re actively looking one. We don’t realize consciously the effect that business signs have on us, which is actually why they’re so effective and a wise choice for business owners.

Business signs are also necessary because they help you brand your business and keep your company top of mind with your customers and potential customers. Having your company be top of mind is a tough thing to accomplish, but this level of awareness is built and reinforced through repetition. How is this repetition enforced without being too overbearing? Advertisments. And what advertisements do we see every day, grab our attention, and point us in the direction we need to go? Business signs.

Think back to those customers we mentioned earlier who all live within a 5 mile radius of your store. When driving to and from work, school and errands, these customers pass your business location approximately 50 to 60 times a month. Your business sign should be designed so that it grabs the attention of your target market every time they pass your store! That’s just one way you can build top of mind awareness with your customers through business signs.

Business signs are also helpful because they create impulse sales. Many of your customers may not have a large amount of money to spend, or a large amount of time to spend shopping and comparison shopping, So, these customers are more likely to shop at the first convenient place they see that is selling what they need. That place is your business, and your customers will stop there with the help of business signs that help you stand out from the competition. After all, at one point or another most people have experienced a situation where they were driving down the street and stopped at a store to made a purchase, primarily because they saw a business sign that drove the customer into your store.

Business signs are also great because when the messaging is simple and informative, it can appeal to a wide arrange of clients. Customers expect that radio or tv ads, or email campaigns, or other digital advertisements will be targeted specifically to their age group and demographic. This high level of targeting costs a lot of money and requires a lot of data collection. Instead, opt for an outdoor business sign. Because outdoor business signs must be bold and simple in order to be easily read by someone in a car or across the street, the effective messaging of an outdoor business sign has the potential to drive a lot of new customers to your business!

business signsBusiness signs also help point out new promotions, or seasonal deals that customers aren’t accostomed to seeing every day. This new business signage will be helpful because a change in signage can boost sales, especially when the business sign is promoting a new product or sale item that has limited availability. Using business signs to promote a sense of urgency with the customer is never a bad idea!

Business signs can serve so many purposes. Business signs can be informative, or they can simply draw attention by showing location. Business signs can point out a promotional sale, and they can help build brand identity. Best of all, business signs are an economical choice for marketing because of the low cost per impression. Digital advertisements, email campaigns, print ads, broadcast media efforts, and more can be very effective, but very costly. Additionally, these marketing methods require a lot of planning, resources, and follow-through in order to track effectiveness. While these methods are great, business signs offer some strong alternatives such as the potential audience size and the cost per customer. If you’re wondering if business signs could be a good choice for your business, contact your local business sign professional today.

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