Plan a Smooth Rebrand Rollout

The word REBRANDING handwritten with chalk  on a blackboard‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’… heard that before? The first step in achieving a successful rebrand rollout is with accurate planning. A GPS won’t direct you until you put in an address, likewise, a business with no direction goes nowhere. A plan provides direction and serves as a checklist to foster a smooth rollout.

When rebranding or refreshing it’s essential to have a plan. You need to establish clear objectives and work towards those. What do you want to achieve by rebranding? A rebrand or refresher can be a strategic business method to growth and it’s in the planning stage that these goals should be clearly identified. Something that cannot be overlooked while planning is business positioning. Consider where you want to position your brand in the marketplace and how you will differentiate it from competitors. What personality do you want it to take on? Consider Ralph Lauren (an International clothing label): They position themselves not only as a quality clothing brand (there are many of those) but also as a very strong status symbol for those who wear their clothing. Their brand personality radiates through every touch-point. They didn’t get there by accident, they planned it. You should do the same.

A brand is more than a logo, it’s how your company is perceived in the market place and what it says about your business across the range of touch-points available. When planning a rebrand or brand refresh it’s important to allow time to change all touch-points as there’s a lot more than you may think (view our 60 point checklist for rebrand rollouts). Make a list of them so that it’s a smooth and seamless transition and simply ‘tick off the boxes’.

Do you need branding advice you can trust?

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