Why Rebrand?

There comes a time when growing and expanding businesses need to consider new ways to help facilitate new business needs. Perhaps the scope of services have developed outside of the original business name and it’s time for the brand to reflect the evolving business. This is the case for businesses where the offering now includes more than it did in its start-up phase. Perhaps the business now services a larger region than when it first started, for example if the company Penrose Plumbers now … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Rebranding

For smaller businesses with less capacity for risk-taking, a rebrand can seem terrifying. The word ‘rebrand’ can conjure up thoughts of a high risk, high cost, and all-consuming project with uncertain results. However a well-planned rebrand strategy can be a strategic business decision resulting in good returns. Successful rebrand projects all have one thing in common; excellent planning. Get this step right and you’re in a good position for implementing a successful and stress-free rebrand … [Read more...]

Are Business Signs Really Necessary?

Article from Signarama.com Business signs have a lot of benefits, some that are obvious and some that are not as obvious. For any business, signs are important to driving customers and promoting your work. But there is so much more to business signs than driving traffic and promotions – although those are huge components of why business signs are important to your business. Business signs bring in new customers. When you have professional quality business signs around your neighborhood or even … [Read more...]

Business Makeover or Rebrand

You have a stronger brand when there is brand consistency across your entire business. This includes the outside appearance of your building, the reception area, and even the images on your vehicles. Consistent good looking signage portrays a professional image to your customers, suppliers, and inevitably leads to higher sales. When you get your signage refreshed, installed from scratch on any part of your business, or do a complete rebrand, then you go into the draw to win back up … [Read more...]

Branding – it’s all about trust

Branding is everything to do with your business and how it is perceived in the marketplace. It’s all about how your audience see you, including internal staff, external customers, suppliers, and contractors. It’s more than your logo, it’s every aspect of your business even down to how you and your staff answer the phone. Brandaction.com use McDonalds as a case study to explain what a strong brand looks like because they are an international and universally recognised brand. When you think of … [Read more...]

What Does the Colour of Your Logo Say About Your Business?

As you create the perfect logo, be sure to pay attention to the colour messages you're sending. Colour can become a key part of any brand. Whether your logo is red and intense, yellow and joyful or black and mysterious, its colours are announcing something to the customer. The colour of some logos is more powerful than the logos themselves. Close your eyes and picture McDonald's famous golden arches. Now, imagine if they had been gray. Would the burger chain be the international success it … [Read more...]

Clever Street Marketing Signs you can’t miss!

Street marketing  is used to refer to certain marketing techniques used to promote products or services in an unconventional way in public places. Street Marketing Signs The main point of street marketing is the activities are done exclusively on the streets or other public places, such as shopping centers, parking lots, bus stops, metro stations just  to name a few. Unlike typical public and traditional marketing campaigns that utilize tv, radio and billboards; street marketing … [Read more...]

Signwriting, Signs and Rebranding is our Business

You may have noticed something different about Speedy Signs lately?   Winter is with us and we have made use of the colder months to take some time out and work on our own business. Signwriting and rebranding "Yes, we have been practising what we preach" and we have changed all our signs and uniforms! Yes that's right we have re-branded our image to a new look Speedy Signs. We hope you like it because we sure do and if you think it's about time you did the same please give us a … [Read more...]

Vinyl banner signs to promote your business event

Vinyl Banners are extremely versatile, cost effective and can be mounted, hung or suspended outside or inside. The most popular lightweight and weather proof exterior signage solution you can buy. Outdoor vinyl banner signs can be used and re-used for many years and for a number of different applications. Look no further than a full colour vinyl pvc banner. All of our banners are weather proof, fade resistant and made from high quality vinyl tough enough to withstand wear from the … [Read more...]

Full colour flags are a great way to attract attention to your business or product.

Buy any flag from our Cosmic, Sharkfin and Wind Blade ranges and receive a free printed car flag! The worlds most used temporary signage! If you're planning a promotion of any kind whether it be a Discount Sale or a Golf Day, Banners will give you the kind of exposure your event needs, they can be made to any size and give you that big sign presence without the permanent installation hassles. Banners today come in all types of configurations from flags to car roof kits...the list is … [Read more...]