Are you using QR codes for your retail store?

QR codes or Quick Response codes were first introduced by the car company, Toyota. At first they were used to track vehicle parts during the production process, but nowadays the QR codes are used for a wide variety of applications, such as commercial tracking, transport ticketing, product marketing and product labeling. They can be seen on magazine prints, tickets, business cards, shirts and of course shop windows! This is becoming an effective marketing tool for business owners because … [Read more...]


For today's post on the Speedy Signs Blog I will provide the part two of our "Does your company logo break these 10 rules?" You can view the first five rules on my previous post here, view now. 6. CONSISTENCY. Picture this. You’ve discovered a café that makes coffee just how you like it. You’ve only been once but the coffee was heaven. You now go into the same café, very excited because the latte that you are anticipating is just what the doctor ordered. This time you order a large, only … [Read more...]

Speedy Signs Create Business with Effective Custom Signage

SPEEDY SIGNS business signage consultants can work with you to develop a sign program that will work for your business’ needs. SPEEDY SIGNS sign centres offer the most convenient business services such as payment programs. Six Easy Steps to Buying Business Signage With Speedy Signs 1. CALL - Feel free to call Speedy Signs any time you need ideas on promoting your business. Ask us for advice on your signage or exhibition requirements. FREEPHONE: 0800 773 339 2. DISCUSS - We can … [Read more...]