Grow your business with foot traffic

Between warmer temperatures and the freedom of holiday breaks from work and school most brick and mortar businesses notice an increase in foot traffic during these summer months. However getting potential customers to “cross the line” from the foot path into your store is about more than favourable holiday trading hours. To capitalise on this opportunity the first step is to gain exposure through strategically planned and placed outdoor signage. Signs can have a major impact on people’s desires … [Read more...]

Portable Banner Flags Signs Really Work!

Banner flags signs are ideal for catching attention Banner flags signs are portable, eye-catching signage that often gets overlooked by businesses.  The benefits of using flags are numerous.  Flags attract attention to your business or product through their movement, majesty, and the association often attached to them as emblems of patriotism and history. In fact, the use of the flag dates back to the Middle Ages when competing militaries flew their respective colours as symbols of belonging … [Read more...]