Rebranding to Spark ARENA with Speedy Signs

  Spark ARENA is full of life, energy and creativity so when the Arena approached Speedy Signs to rebrand from Vector to Spark ARENA, this needed to be reflected consistently throughout the project. Challenge For a rebrand this size, it was important for the Spark Arena to hire signage experts with a known and trusted reputation. Having a national presence and proven corporate wayfinding and directional signage expertise were also conclusive factors in selecting a vendor. As New … [Read more...]

Reviewed your brands identity in the last 7 years? It’s time you did!

Are you trying to attract new customers but not seeing any results? It’s time to review your brands identity; you may find a revamp is in order. Your brands identity says a lot about who you are as a company, often influencing the type of customers you are going to attract. Secondly, your brand identity is usually the deciding factor for customers. It can determine whether or not they want to be associated with your brand. So, if you are not attracting the type of customers you want, or … [Read more...]

Business Makeover Promotion Winners

Rebranding can seem terrifying for small businesses with less capacity for risk taking however rebranding or refreshing signage isn’t only for the large corporates. There are many benefits received from completing a review of business branding including competitive advantage, stimulating growth, and promotes innovation. Today’s post recognises the winners of our recent national promotion who intimately understand the benefits upgrading signage has on business. Earlier this year we ran a … [Read more...]

Big Marketing for Small Businesses

All businesses large and small need to consider their branding and messaging when marketing themselves. Big marketing for small businesses includes good branding that is memorable and consistent across all marketing efforts including signage, commercials, web presence, and print. In order to make your branding memorable and consistent, it is smart to consider using one service to handle all of your signage and branding efforts. An All-In-One Package When your new business opens up, you will … [Read more...]

Plan a Smooth Rebrand Rollout

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’… heard that before? The first step in achieving a successful rebrand rollout is with accurate planning. A GPS won’t direct you until you put in an address, likewise, a business with no direction goes nowhere. A plan provides direction and serves as a checklist to foster a smooth rollout. When rebranding or refreshing it’s essential to have a plan. You need to establish clear objectives and work towards those. What do you want to achieve by rebranding? A … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Rebranding

For smaller businesses with less capacity for risk-taking, a rebrand can seem terrifying. The word ‘rebrand’ can conjure up thoughts of a high risk, high cost, and all-consuming project with uncertain results. However a well-planned rebrand strategy can be a strategic business decision resulting in good returns. Successful rebrand projects all have one thing in common; excellent planning. Get this step right and you’re in a good position for implementing a successful and stress-free rebrand … [Read more...]

Are Business Signs Really Necessary?

Article from Business signs have a lot of benefits, some that are obvious and some that are not as obvious. For any business, signs are important to driving customers and promoting your work. But there is so much more to business signs than driving traffic and promotions – although those are huge components of why business signs are important to your business. Business signs bring in new customers. When you have professional quality business signs around your neighborhood or even … [Read more...]

Business Makeover or Rebrand

You have a stronger brand when there is brand consistency across your entire business. This includes the outside appearance of your building, the reception area, and even the images on your vehicles. Consistent good looking signage portrays a professional image to your customers, suppliers, and inevitably leads to higher sales. When you get your signage refreshed, installed from scratch on any part of your business, or do a complete rebrand, then you go into the draw to win back up … [Read more...]

Branding – it’s all about trust

Branding is everything to do with your business and how it is perceived in the marketplace. It’s all about how your audience see you, including internal staff, external customers, suppliers, and contractors. It’s more than your logo, it’s every aspect of your business even down to how you and your staff answer the phone. use McDonalds as a case study to explain what a strong brand looks like because they are an international and universally recognised brand. When you think of … [Read more...]

2014 – An Opportunity to Assess Your Company’s Visual Brand Communication

Help your business grow and make you more money every year. For most of us this will mean assessing and implementing changes to operations, staffing, developing or launching new products and services. It will also allow you to step back and assess how does your business look and how does it attract new business. Read on for our Top 10 Visual Brand Communication Tips to help you start your rebrand. If marketing and advertising hasn't been given much priority for several years, now will be … [Read more...]