Brock Cooley puts the seal on a great season

Wellington driver Brock Cooley put the seal on a successful season with another round win at the finale of the BNT NZ Touring Car Series at Pukekohe Park Raceway. Cooley had already won the title prior to the final round but made a real statement by taking another round win, his fourth of the series. After sealing the title at the penultimate round at Manfeild in February Cooley said that he wanted end the championship on a high and win the final round, something he had not done previously at … [Read more...]

Big Marketing for Small Businesses

All businesses large and small need to consider their branding and messaging when marketing themselves. Big marketing for small businesses includes good branding that is memorable and consistent across all marketing efforts including signage, commercials, web presence, and print. In order to make your branding memorable and consistent, it is smart to consider using one service to handle all of your signage and branding efforts. An All-In-One Package When your new business opens up, you will … [Read more...]

Safety Signage ~ Safety Glow Signs

Safety Glow Signs store ambient light and glow in the dark. Safe, dependable and practical. No energy source is required. From emergency marker, egress, hospitals, schools or for your home. Since the conception of photo-luminescent materials for life safety systems, there have been many “CHEAP” variations of glow materials produced and sold. Obviously price drives everything, but you don’t want to risk your life, with “The Cheap stuff!” Most people don’t realise that the World Trade … [Read more...]

Footpath signs are important to remind and direct customers

Footpath signs and Display flags are the easiest way possible to remind customers and let passers-by know about your business. Footpath signs are very effective for sales, specials or events taking place at your business location. There are different types of footpath signs to choose from ideal for indoors and outdoors. Business Signs and especially Footpath Signs are a key part of your marketing mix especially for any retail business, main street office, local events, and even the local … [Read more...]

>The Different Types Of Business Signage To Market Your Business

>A business sign is the first impression that many people have of your business. You want it to demonstrate quality, but be suitable for the business itself. While flashing LED or neon lights might be just the suitable touch to advertise a casino, nightclub or even a movie rental business, it may not be the most suitable for a funeral home. That’s why consulting with a specialist in the area of signage or engraving can assist you increase the effectiveness of your signage dollar.The quality and … [Read more...]