How To Use Social Media To Leverage Your Brand

People have always talked about brands, global brands rely on it. In fact social media has replaced (in a virtual sense) the good old fashion signboard or A-frame that most small business used to promote their brand. Social media has enabled a business the ability to do that, and so much more, on an instant GLOBAL scale. What most brands relied on as ‘word of mouth’ to expand their brands now has quickly developed (with the use of social media) into ‘world of mouth’. Take advantage of Social … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips For Your Business Brand

With so many start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business’ with non-existent budgets, its crucial to market your brand by the use of various social media channels. Online retailers and global brands have managed to do this successfully and still maintain control of their marketing budgets through branding exercises. Read more for social media tips... We have to acknowledge that traditional methods of marketing a brand have shifted towards social media and SEO (search engine optimisation). So … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of Online Marketing For Local Businesses?

If you’re a novice in the online world, you may be curious about the benefits of internet marketing for your small business. The local search landscape is rapidly evolving, and getting found online, generating new leads, and measuring and tracking results is more important than ever for local businesses trying to succeed and generate growth. Despite the continuous fluctuations in system, staying on top of the current online marketing techniques is fundamental to the success of your business. … [Read more...]

Make sure your business is in Google+, Google Local and Google+ for Business!

What Every Local Business Needs to Know About Google Local for Business Google+, Google+ Local, Google+ for Business - 30 May 2012 was a dramatic day for small to medium businesses in New Zealand and Australia. In a move that was now an obvious next step following the introduction of Google+ Business Pages, the old Google Places was replaced with Google+ Local Business Pages. This changeover affected some 80 million small and local businesses from across the globe. Staggeringly, many local … [Read more...]

Five Social Media Sign Marketing Mistakes You’re Putting On Your Signs

We are starting to see social media logos pop up on everyone’s marketing materials On signs, window graphics, billboards, banners... Even brochures and business cards are sporting the little logos and QR codes, but sometimes they could be used a bit more effectively. Here are five social media sign marketing no-no’s we’re seeing on people’s signs and banners: 1. QR Codes to Nowhere QR codes that don’t go anywhere are one of the biggest problems marketers face. They get a basic QR code from … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing is Good For Business!

Today's post is dedicated to the importance of using Social Media for Business. Here at Speedy Signs we have embraced this new social wave and technology as we understand how important it is to connect with our customers and industry market. It’s easy to lose sight of the reason that you started to use social media, so today we’re going to remind you why it’s so very important for your business success. Social media is all about conversation, interaction and selling through a content network or … [Read more...]