Make sure your business is in Google+, Google Local and Google+ for Business!

What Every Local Business Needs to Know About Google Local for Business Google+, Google+ Local, Google+ for Business - 30 May 2012 was a dramatic day for small to medium businesses in New Zealand and Australia. In a move that was now an obvious next step following the introduction of Google+ Business Pages, the old Google Places was replaced with Google+ Local Business Pages. This changeover affected some 80 million small and local businesses from across the globe. Staggeringly, many local … [Read more...]

Five Social Media Sign Marketing Mistakes You’re Putting On Your Signs

We are starting to see social media logos pop up on everyone’s marketing materials On signs, window graphics, billboards, banners... Even brochures and business cards are sporting the little logos and QR codes, but sometimes they could be used a bit more effectively. Here are five social media sign marketing no-no’s we’re seeing on people’s signs and banners: 1. QR Codes to Nowhere QR codes that don’t go anywhere are one of the biggest problems marketers face. They get a basic QR code from … [Read more...]

Social Media Signs For Businesses

Now with Facebook check-in, Foursquare check-in, Google Places and QR codes it has become extremely beneficial to use social media for your business. You can promote your business by encouraging your customers to "check-in" when they come to your restaurant, store or office. This is very simple and enables your customers to share your business with their friends and family. Social media tools like Facebook, Foursquare and recently with Google+ Brand Pages have now become to be powerful online … [Read more...]