Returning to the Good Old Days of Service and Value

Service, value and simplicity are dictating buying habits.

At a time when the market is hugely competitive, shopping centres are inventing and re-inventing themselves and offering value-added experiences to give customers a reason to return.

Why? Because people want more experiences, more value, more service.

‘Local’ is at a high. ‘Local’ is the new motivator. People want to buy their meat from their local butcher, drink their coffee at their local café, service their bike at their local bike store and purchase their salami at their local delicatessen.

Why? They get great service, good value and it’s real. It reminds us of how simple life was… before it became over-complicated.

This coincides beautifully with the thinking that mobile engagement is higher than ever and online shopping too.

Why? Because it’s easy and simple. The two disparities are worlds apart, yet ring home the same truths.

I want to buy my prosciutto from my preferred authentic Italian supermarket and at the same time, shop online for my son’s jeans at midnight tonight when it’s convenient for me to do so.

Why? Because to the first point, I want the good quality meat and enjoy the chat to the Italian man who serves his countries fine fares and to the second point, after one purchase I know my son’s size and don’t want to compete with the crowds to get his jeans, so I order what I want online.

As business owners and marketers, we need to consider these polarised purchasing habits – a return to service & value and the continued move to easier and simple. If we can satisfy one of these values in our buying equation then we are on trend with our customers needs.

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