Can Retail Signage Turn Browsers into Spenders? Let’s Find Out…

From music through to temperature control, visual merchandising and beyond, how retail environments influence buyer behaviour has already been thoroughly investigated – but what about the role signage plays in all of this?

You see, in retail, customers are exposed to signage before they even enter a store. This can quite easily be the difference between a threshold crosser and an escapee. It all comes down to perception. Do they trust you? Do they understand what you sell? Can they afford you? Signage can answer all of these questions in one big hit and, once a customer’s interested enough to venture into your territory, signage then helps to guide shoppers through the entire sales process without anybody uttering a single word.

So, do signs turn browsers into spenders? Let’s find out…

“I’ll just stick to my budget next week instead…”

Research demonstrates that full-priced merchandise with signage outperforms sales-priced merchandise without signage by 18%. This proves that people are actually open to spending more money provided some form of visual messaging points them in the right direction. However, sales signage isn’t all about pricing. Certain merchandise gets highlighted to promote the benefits or qualities of a product, which then gives the customer a justifiable reason to make their soon-to-be purchase.

“Oh, I can finally go camping!”

Suggesting how your customer could use or wear your product has a similar effect to the one outlined above as this helps them to visualise the end use. For example, signage showing a family sitting around a camp fire eating marshmallows with smiles on their faces, artfully positioned next to a four-man tent, triggers emotion and appeals to some long-held aspiration. If marketed as a seasonal product, this sign would also generate a sense of urgency – now’s your chance, grab it! Who cares that you’ve used all of your holiday days up for the next 5 months or that your partner works night shifts at weekends…

“Ahhh wait, what’s this?”

This is where clever signage works its magic – the art of subliminal messaging. Powerful signs and advertisements can convince people to buy something they never knew they wanted. Ever wondered if anyone really buys those sweets or neon socks right next to a fashion retailer’s checkout – the fact they haven’t ceased to exist yet tells us that yes, yes indeed they do. Why? Well, those gentle POS signs tell them to – quietly.

And there we have it! Behold the impact of clever signage on consumer behaviour – it’s actually more significant than you realised isn’t it? At its most effective signage informs, educates, inspires and attracts customers to engage with your brand. Not only this, but signs also help to break down objections or buyer hesitations, meaning they’re more likely to stay in-store longer and buy from you.

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