Corporate Vehicle Signage – Getting It Right Every Time

If you’re reading this then you already realise that vehicle branding is one of the most cost effective ways to reel in new business. You’ll also know that, as a one-time investment, you’re about to develop a marketing campaign that will continue to work hard for you – now and in the years to follow. However, what you may not be aware of is how frequently it goes wrong. Horribly wrong. Because we’ve all heard about the benefits of vehicle advertising, it’s plausible that you’d want to make … [Read more...]

Car Signs Provide Excellent Advertising for your Business

Spend only $450 on car signs, van signs, truck signs and any type of vehicle signs and you could win $1500 towards your next holiday! How are you attracting more business and customers? Many businesses can afford radio and television advertising. Where small business owners know that they have to use innovative marketing techniques to promote their brands, products, and services. The Internet has brought about a change in the way many companies advertise their products and services. However, … [Read more...]

Car Graphics – The Benefits of Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial Car graphics - A smart way to invest your marketing dollars is to wrap your company vehicle. Car Graphics are like a constant full rolling billboard that can not only represent one vehicle, but when it’s out on the road, people may assume it’s one of a fleet of wrapped vehicles, all displaying your message. What can you do if your marketing budget doesn’t allow for a full wrap? There are many ways Speedy Signs can help you use your vehicle and company car with car graphics to promote … [Read more...]

Vehicle Graphics… Can you afford not to?

Vehicle Graphics will deliver customers to you that are ready to buy. Your ‘Mobile Billboard’ is simply one of the most powerful and cost effective forms of advertising available. One of our customers, Castles R Us recently gave me some feedback on the effectiveness of their ‘car wrap’. In the first 2 weeks that they had graphics on the car, they received 20 calls directly off the car graphics.  (Equates to 520 per year) Of those 20 calls, 6 customers made immediate … [Read more...]